Services we offer

With a background in office management, marketing and events our knowledge is broad and diverse. As a result we proudly offer an outstanding service to our clients. Focused on helping small and medium sized companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. Our main aims are to help them reach their full potential and consequently grow their business. We can also assist with the smooth running of their home life. The main areas of expertise are listed below, however, If you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch and we will recommend a suitably qualified VA.

4 step program

If you haven’t worked with a VA before check out our simple 4 step program for some great advice.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing to new customers while retaining your existing client base takes time, effort and money and is often considered the ‘fluffy’ aspect of running a small business. As a result, marketing is often neglected which results in missed opportunities and a lack of exposure. 


Event organisation

Creating a memorable and successful event, within budget, takes time and meticulous planning. Because each event and client brief is unique we provide a tailor-made package which is right for you. Furthermore, our expertise and experience will give you peace-of-mind and more time to concentrate on other aspects of your growing business.

personal assistant

For your home life

A growing trend has become the family or personal PA (Personal Assistant), someone to take care of your world. Because our lives are so busy there isn’t always time to organise the little things in life and this is when hiring a virtual assistant can help you achieve more. We can organise your files, arrange events, research and book holidays, the possibilities are endless.

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