Luke Bennett

5-star service! We have been working with Lucy for 6 months now and we wouldn’t look back. Our customers have commented many times on how professional Lucy’s approach is. She integrates so well most of my customers expect to say hello to Lucy at the office when they come in. Lucy has also contributed to the growth of the business with some good ideas. I would encourage more people to start “outsourcing” the tasks we try and manage in our business and concentrate on the revenue-generating things we are good at and leave the other things to the professionals!

Cambridge Classics

Lucy has made a wonderful addition to our Sales & Marketing team here at Cambridge Classics – she approached us when we were initially looking at employing a new member of staff – her idea of outsourcing was genius. Lucy had fully researched our company before approaching us and has nailed our branding in a nutshell. Lucy’s support is invaluable and we wouldn’t be without her ever again! Highly recommend.

Emma Mawdsley

I have employed Lucy fairly intensively over the last year/18 months on a variety of tasks, as I try to juggle a very busy professional life with home. She has been outstanding. She’s efficient, thinks through things for herself (so sees solutions and savings I haven’t thought of), and has absolute attention to detail. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jacky Sutton-Adam

Lucy is a very efficient communicator and quickly showed a great understanding of our business needs and areas where we would benefit from support. The initial work was completed in good time and for a very reasonable price. Can highly recommend!

Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club

During the 10 years working for Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club, Lucy proved herself to be highly professional, trustworthy, efficient and hard working.  As the club’s Administrator, Lucy contributed significantly to the club achieving some of its key goals. I would recommend Lucy to any company looking for effective and reliable support.