What’s in a logo?

What’s in a logo? Starting your own business is exciting, daunting and expensive. There are so many aspects of your business to consider and one of the most important things to get right from the outset is your logo. You’re asking a lot from a simple graphic / icon / symbol; Be your first impressionContinue reading “What’s in a logo?”

What is a VA?

What is a Virtual Assistant ? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is somebody who offers their professional administrative services to businesses and individuals. As they are self-employed they appeal to small and medium sized organisations looking to expand but reluctant (or unable) to take on the additional employee-burden of taxes, insurance, pensions and office space etc.Continue reading “What is a VA?”

New ambitions and horizons

Enjoying a well earned break during the summer months also gives you the opportunity to evaluate your future goals and consider new opportunities.  But don’t let these new ideas and ambitions fade away only to reappear after a few glasses of something fizzy on New Years Eve. If you feel passionately enough about making aContinue reading “New ambitions and horizons”