What is a VA?

virtual assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant ?

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is somebody who offers their professional administrative services to businesses and individuals. As they are self-employed they appeal to small and medium sized organisations looking to expand but reluctant (or unable) to take on the additional employee-burden of taxes, insurance, pensions and office space etc. Another advantage is the flexibility VA’s can offer; Businesses and Executives can retain their services for a few hours each month or on an ad hoc basis for one-off projects.

VA’s are trained and experienced business professionals with a background in office management or high-level Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant experience. Their unique and individual skill-sets and talents are determined by their professional background. With the number of administrative professionals making the transition into freelance VA work as a new career path, it is possible for businesses and individuals to find the right partner for their needs.

Technology has been a real driving force behind the growth of Virtual Assisting, with cloud based services, email and video calls it is possible for business tasks to be carried out anywhere with internet access.

Ultimately, VA’s help organisations and people become more productive and they facilitate growth while minimising risk. The benefits can be substantial.

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