VA Job Roles: Client retention

Virtual Assistant support

Virtual Assistants can support business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs in many ways. This series of blogs will outline some of these roles and examine in more detail how having the support from a VA can add value and efficiency to your business and provide you with a better work/life balance. If you would like more information about Lucy-Anne Virtual Assistant, please contact us today.

Growing your business

Fact: Providing a good service will set your business aside from the competition.

Building a strong customer base and retaining your existing clients is essential for any business wanting to expand and develop over time. An effective and efficient customer service or client retention strategy is essential.  Taking time to listen to your customer demands will keep you fully informed about changes within the market place, leaving you best placed to make intelligent business decisions and help future-proof your company. It is well documented that satisfied and happy clients become advocates of your business and a recommendation is more cost-effective than traditional advertising. Did you also know that existing customers are likely to spend more on your products or services and they are easier to sell to?   

Meeting expectations

Fact: Some clients are more demanding than others.

It is well known and widely reported how important it is for your prospects and clients to feel individually valued, meeting their requirements and ensuring their needs are meet. This can be almost impossible for a small business to achieve as they start to grow.  Although, it is at this turning point in the development process that extra time and devotion should be spent on serving your client needs and ensuring they are satisfied with the service they receive. Having an individual dedicated to this role ensures your customers have a fixed point of contact; someone to oversee and ensure a smooth transition from enquiry to sale, answer questions and provide updates on progress.

Reporting systems

Fact: Most business compete on the level of service they’re able to offer.

Unless your competitive strategy is purely price related, you’ll be competing with others in the marketplace on the type of service you’re able to offer customers.  An essential part of your service strategy should include internal and external communications, ensuring they are effective and efficient. Establishing a robust reporting system is essential as any company starts to grow and information must be shared amongst colleagues. The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can store client data, show communication threads, add follow-up reminders and produce data analysis reports. Having a comprehensive system in place will help your business run smoothly and add value to the service you provide to your client base.

Impossible dream?

Having a professional devoted to championing your business and managing customer expectations isn’t an impossible dream. The solution is at hand, retaining a Virtual Assistant on a monthly basis is the perfect way to ensure your clients are getting the service they expect and deserve. Furthermore, you can feel comfortable and secure knowing this aspect of your business is being taken care of and look forward to devoting extra time developing your business or achieving a better work/life balance.

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