VA Job Roles: Marketing Support

Virtual Assistant support

Virtual Assistants can support business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs in many ways. This series of blogs will outline some of these roles and examine in more detail how having the support from a VA can add value and efficiency to your business and provide you with a better work/life balance. If you would like more information about Lucy-Anne Virtual Assistant, please contact us today.


Focus on: Marketing

Every small business owner will be acutely aware that there aren’t enough hours in the day to plan and execute a marketing strategy. It is often thought about as a result of low sales, or when time allows. Unfortunately, this makes the process less effective and efficient. Outsourcing your marketing activity to a VA can set-you-aside from the competition.  Once they are on board with your business principles and understand your brand values, they can make a huge difference to your organisation, and you’ll have piece-of-mind that this element of your business strategy is in good hands.


Marketing your business

Clever marketing has led to many recent business success stories

Creating a marketing plan for a small business may feel extreme, unnecessary or far too complex! But, without one, you could stumble around in the dark and end up being reactive to market conditions which is inefficient and costly. Creating a simple plan, based around the 7’ps, and allocating a reasonable budget will ensure you’re on target. Don’t forget, every plan needs to be evaluated and adjustments made if necessary.


Keeping ahead of the competition

Without proper marketing, you can’t get close to customers and satisfy their needs – and if you can’t, a competitor surely will. 

In basic terms, you must be in it to win it! Establishing a solid marketing plan will set you aside from your competitors. Having the confidence to adjust your plan based on feedback and research will also give you a competitive advantage over others. Never underestimate the value of monitoring and review.


Brand consistency

Being consistent builds awareness, trust and eventually loyalty

If you’re not being consistent with your brand image, you’re being inefficient and wasting valuable money on mixed messages.  Your brand image is made up of your logo, colours, typography, packaging, messages and customer experiences. Build a reputation through the consistency of your brand and you’ll evolve and expand, creating loyalty from your valued clients. Building a physical brand image can be achieved through social media posts, brochures, advertising, event planning and even email signatures.


Digital revolution

This revolution has also provided new tools to make marketing more targeted, relevant and effective

When it comes to digital marketing there is a multitude of platforms to consider and as a starting point, it is essential to know where your customers are in the digital world. Once you know this, have the confidence to concentrate on those platforms, rather than trying to be everywhere at once. Creating a consistent and clear message and keeping in line with your brand values, is essential to winning business through the digital medium.


If you run a small business and would like help planning and reviewing your marketing strategy get in touch with us today:


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